Based on fungi,
Based on nutrients,
Based on well-being

We are non-conformists. That's why we want everything: we want to help the planet, to eat well and nutritious.

We replicate the experience of eating meat with great nutritional benefits, low environmental impact and great taste.

How do we do it?
First, we go out into the forest

We search for and research the best representatives of the fungal kingdom to isolate and culture their tissues.

Then, we perform the fermentation

Once we have a candidate, we induce its growth by fermenting different substrates under different environmental conditions.

We harvest

After the tissue has grown to the desired shape and texture, it is ready for harvesting.

Finally, we go to market

After flavoring and packaging, our products are available your favourite store: What are you waiting for?

Our products are everything you are looking for

Besides being delicious, they are complete. They're rich in protein, vitamins, micronutrients and most importantly, they don't break apart during cooking.

We told you that they are everything you are looking for.

We produce considerably less CO2 than animal production
They contain antioxidants beneficial to health
A high protein content of 23%! Yes... that's a lot
The mushrooms we use do not produce cholesterol

New answers to old questions

We are bringing the best of the forest to the table

We are a team of curious explorers looking to redefine the concept of meat.

Juan Pablo de Giacomi

CEO & Founder

Pablo Sanchez Rey

COO & Founder

Francisco Kuhar

CSO & Technology Partner

Nicolas Gallo


Will you join the change?

We are open to receive proposals and ideas to make our technology a global trend.


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Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia
48160 Derio