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Mycoprotein Lab.

Innovative, sustainable protein solutions from mycelium for healthier futures and environmental stewardship.

laboratorio de micelio y microproteínas
Myco-protein Laboratory Research & Development Food-tech
Myco-protein Laboratory Research & Development Food-tech

Revolutionizing Food Production with Fungi Biotechnology

Our expertise lies in harnessing the untapped potential of fungi to create sustainable protein sources. This approach not only addresses the pressing global need for alternative proteins but also aligns with our commitment to promoting circular economies within the food industry. By focusing on fungi, we tap into a versatile, efficient, and eco-friendly protein source, showcasing our dedication to environmental stewardship and innovation.

We’re dedicated to pioneering advancements in food science that harness the extraordinary potential of fungi to address one of our most pressing global challenges: 
sustainable food production.

Tailored R&D Services for Transformative Impact

We understand that each company’s needs and goals are unique. That’s why we offer customized R&D services designed to meet the specific challenges and opportunities of our partners.

Whether that is exploring novel ways to utilize fungi for protein production or developing proprietary processes for transforming by-products, our team stands ready to help companies in each step of their innovation process.

We ensure working very closely with our customers to achieve tangible, viable, and market-demanding results; while advocating for circular economy and sustainable ways to tackle one of the world's biggest challenges of the world.

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Juan Pablo de Giacomi

CEO & Founder

Pablo Sanchez Rey

COO & Founder

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Francisco Kuhar

CSO & Technology Partner

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Nicolas Gallo


Who joined us

Proyecto nº ZL-2022/00299 VEGYBURG proiektua
Proyecto nº ZL-2022/00968 BIOSPROT

Programa de ayudas de apoyo a la I+D empresarial - Hazitek

Actuación cofinanciada por el Gobierno Vasco y la Unión Europea a través del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional 2021-2027 (FEDER)

Join Us on the Journey to Sustainable Innovation

We invite companies, innovators, and visionaries to join us in redefining the boundaries of what is possible in food production. Together, we can transform the industry, turning by-products into opportunities and driving the global movement towards a more sustainable and food-secure future.