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Research & Development​

Our expertise lies in partnering with companies to reimagine the value of their production leftovers

Through our advanced R&D services, we guide our partners through the process of utilizing fungi to transform their by-products into nutritious, sustainable, and valuable protein sources. This process not only offers a solution to the challenge of food waste but also presents a new frontier in the creation of alternative protein products.

How We Operate​


We go to the forest

We search for and research the best representatives of the fungal kingdom to isolate and culture their tissues.


The fermentation

Once we have a candidate, we induce its growth by fermenting different substrates under different environmental conditions.


We harvest​

After the tissue has grown to the desired shape and texture, it is ready for harvesting.


We go to market

After flavoring and packaging, our products are available your favourite store: What are you waiting for?

Myco-protein Laboratory Research & Development Food-tech
Myco-protein Laboratory Research & Development Food-tech

Sustainability Meets Efficiency​

Our solutions are rooted in the principles of sustainability and efficiency. By converting by-products into high-value proteins, we not only help reduce waste but also minimize the environmental impact associated with traditional agricultural practices.

This process reduces the need for additional agricultural land, conserves resources, and supports the global transition towards more sustainable food systems.

Leading the Way in Alternative Protein Sources

Innomy is not just a provider of R&D services; we are market leaders in the burgeoning field of fungi-based protein production. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration positions us at the cutting edge of the alternative protein industry.

Join Us on the Journey to Sustainable Innovation

We invite companies, innovators, and visionaries to join us in redefining the boundaries of what is possible in food production. Together, we can transform the industry, turning by-products into opportunities and driving the global movement towards a more sustainable and food-secure future.